Legal Disclaimer

Budapest, 2020. Április 27.

1. Details of the service provider

Name of the service provider: Together for Autistic People Foundation      

The service provider’s registered office: 1027 Budapest, Margit krt. 12. 2/12.

Contact of the service provider (email address used for regular correspondence and liaison with the recipients of the service): [email protected]

VAT number: 18745964-2-41

Telephone number: +36307372423

Account number: 10918001-00000087-36910019l

2. Definitions

The terms written in the following Policy with block capitals and specified in Act CVIII of 2001 shall have the following meaning:

2.1. Service Provider: the legal entity running the website.

2.2. User: all persons who in any way use the website or the services available on the website.

3. Fundamental provisions

3.1. Matters not regulated in this Policy and the interpretation of this Policy shall be governed by Hungarian law, in particular by Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (“Civil Code”) and the Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commercial Services and Services Related to the Information Society (Act CVIII of 2001). The mandatory provisions of the relevant legislation shall apply to the parties without any special stipulation.

3.2. This Policy is effective from 27 April 2020 and shall remain in force until revoked. The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the Policy. The Service Provider shall publish the modifications on its website ten days before they enter into force. By using the website the Users agree that all regulations related to the use of the website automatically apply to them.

3.3. If the Users enter the website operated by the Service Provider or read its content in any way (even if they are not registered Users of the website) they accept the provisions of the Policy as binding on them. If the Users do not accept the terms and conditions, they are not entitled to view the content of the website.

3.4. The Service Provider reserves all rights with regard to the website, any part of it, the content featured on it as well as the distribution of the website. It is prohibited to download, electronically store, process and sell the content or any part of the content featured on the website without the written consent of the Service Provider.

4. Disclaimer

4.1. The Service Provider declares that it strives to continuously update the information at the website. However, it takes no responsibility for its completeness, accuracy under any circumstances, or eventual modification.

4.2. The Service Provider emphasizes that it is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of the website.

4.3. The Service Provider may modify, update, or revoke all or any part of the content (including the available services) at any time, without prior notice.

4.4. The website may be changed independently of the will and the influence of the Service Provider. Therefore, the Service Provider shall not take any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or content of the displayed content, for the available information, documentation or other written materials.

4.5. The Users use the website exclusively at their own risk, the Service Provider is not liable for any damage resulting from incorrect, erroneous or incomplete content.

4.6. The Service Provider does not guarantee the undisturbed and error-free operation of the functions on the website. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage, losses, costs incurred in connection with the website, its use or unitability, improper operation, malfunction, computer virus, line or system error, or other similar reasons. In light of this, the User acknowledges that the Service Provider is not responsible for any error, damage caused by a virus or any loss of data, or for unauthorized access to the User’s device or network.

4.7. The Service Provider does not check the information of other content available with the help of eventual links on the website, and does not take responsibility for their availability or for the accuracy of their content.

5. Copyrights

5.1. The User viewing and using the website is only entitled to use the content on the website for private purposes. Private use is not subject to payment, although it may not serve the purpose of generating or increasing income.

5.2. Within the scope of free use, the use is free of charge and does not require permission by the Service Provider. Use is permitted and free of charge even under the provisions on free use only if it does not infringe the normal use of the website and does not harm the legitimate interests of the Service Provider, and as long as it meets the requirements of good faith and fairness and it does not serve purposes that are incompatible with free use. Using the content of the website in a manner different from the above provisions or exceeding the extent of free use shall be construed as unauthorized use, which is conduct prohibited by law and on the basis of this the Service Provider may seek legal remedy.

5.3. Any use for business purposes requires the prior written consent of the Service Provider. The use of the Service Provider’s logo and trademarks is only possible with prior permission.

5.4. Material may only be taken from the website and its database – even with written consent – by making reference to the Service Provider.

5.5. The Service Provider reserves all rights to all elements of its service, to its website and domain names, to the secondary domain names formed with them as well as to its advertising platforms on the Internet, if any.

5.6. It is prohibited to adapt or decrypt the content or parts of the website, or to use any application that allows the User to modify or index the website or any part of it.

5.7. The name and logo of the Service Provider are protected by the copyright and trademark law. Their use is possible only with the written consent of the Service Provider.

5.8. The User acknowledges that a penalty shall be paid to the author in the event of use without a license. The penalty is HUF 100,000 gross per sentence and/or image and/or video and HUF 25,000 per word. The User acknowledges that this penalty clause is not excessive and uses the Website in the knowledge of this provision. In the event of copyright infringement, the Service Provider lays down this fact in a notarial deed and its amount is also passed on to the infringing user.

6. Miscellaneous provisions

6.1. The Service Provider may use a fulfilment partner to fulfil its obligations. The Service Provider shall be held liable for any unlawful conduct of the fulfilment partner as if the Service Provider had committed the unlawful conduct itself.

Storage space provider:

Name: André Timár, sole trader (registered office: 7635 Pécs Lepke d. 4/A TT 3/A, e-mail: [email protected], telephone: +36304098960)

Data processor:

Name: André Timár, sole trader (registered office: 7635 Pécs Lepke d. 4/A TT 3/A, e-mail: [email protected], telephone: +36304098960)

6.2. If any part of this Policy becomes invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity, lawfulness and enforceability of the remaining parts.

6.3. If the Service Provider does not exercise its right under the Policy, the failure to exercise the right shall not be considered as a waiver of that right. Waiver of any right is only valid if it is expressly laid down in a relevant, written statement. The fact that the Service Provider does not strictly adhere to any of the essential conditions or stipulations of the Policy shall not mean that it waives of strict adherence to the given condition or stipulation later.

6.4. The Service Provider and the User shall attempt to resolve their disputes in an amicable manner.

  • Data protection

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