To understand.
To accept.
To help.

Let’s support autistic people to help
them get the most out of themselves

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The Heim Pál Children's Hospital is the professional
partner of the Together for Autistic People Foundation.

Many people falsely believe that all people that live with autism spectrum disorders have some amazing abilities. Many identify autistic people with the main character from the film Rain Man. However, autism does not only mean that someone finds it hard to make eye contact or is a bit of an introvert. Autism shows differences in social interactions like the use of eye contact, the regulation of social contacts, contemporary relations and mutually sharing experiences. Some autistic people have a hard time understanding the unwritten rules of society, find it difficult to read gestures and mimicry, and they often fail to understand metaphors and idioms. Autism can be very severe or it can be more moderate. People with sever forms of autism may need full care throughout their lives.

Our goal is to create a much more liveable world for children with autism spectrum disorders and for their parents.

Autism is a spectrum condition that affects nearly 160,000 people in Hungary. People with autism perceive the impacts of the world differently than others. People with autism usually have difficulties in their daily lives. Some have learning difficulties, others have mental hygiene problems and autism emerges in a totally different way with some others. It follows that these people need different levels of support.

Our goal is to create a more liveable world for them, where people understand, accept and help them in their daily lives.

160.000 There are about
autistic people
in Hungary
15th family

Every 15th family in Hungary is affected by autism

1096 days

On average it takes three years from spotting the first symptoms to making a diagnosis.

590 people

There are 290 people receiving care in homes run by NGOs and 300 others in state-run homes.

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The call charge is HUF 500.
A hívás díja 500 Ft

The goal of the Together for Autistic People Foundation is to create a world where autists can get the most out of themselves

Autism had been on my mind for a long time when I realized how little people know about it, myself included. I understood that we cannot help those living their everyday lives with this spectrum disorder because we do not know how to help, or with what. This is why I felt that the Together for Autistic People Foundation approached the topic best, expressing it perfectly with the slogan: To understand, to accept and to help. I knew right away that I had a place in this team.

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